Starting a Business During a Pandemic.

Good day all! I hope everyone is healthy and riding safe in this crazy year of 2020. This year was probably not the best year to start a new business, especially when that business relied on manufactured goods to reach consumers. So things are getting started a lot slower than I had anticipated.

"We had no idea what impact the pandemic would have on us getting started."

In March everything was coming together with the business, and suppliers had plenty of stocked items. We got everything prepared and ready to start ordering product...and then the bottom dropped. Massive shipping delays, followed by a limited supply of the stock we wanted, plus a huge lead time for re-stock just crushed our plans. We pulled almost everything from the website, stopped advertising, and came up with a new plan.

We regrouped, and the past few months we really started working on our motorcycle tents. Again, this was another setback since our original release date of early December now looks like a release date of early January to late February.

Motorcycle Camping Tent Solo

We will be utilizing Kickstarter to help cover upfront production costs of these tents, so think of it as a way to pre-order the motorcycle tent you deserve. We plan on reaching out to local riders as well as motorcycle media outlets to give out prototypes a true test to run it through the gauntlet. 

Motorcycle Camping Tent

We aren't going to let the pandemic ruin our goal. We are dedicated to providing a one stop shop for motorcycle camping gear. All the gear we are adding to the store will be the best, and most compact camping gear for motorcycle camping. There will be no wondering "Will all this fit in my bag?" because all the gear will be cherry picked based on our experience of packing for moto camping trips.

motorcycle tent

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Thank you again to all out supporters during this year as we get up and going to our final form.

Stay healthy, ride safe!

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