UPDATE 3/31/2020: I was very unsure about trying to open the store during these times we are all going through because I do not want slow processing and shipping times to be what the brand is known for, BUT I believe in this brand, and the community that we can build. Especially during these times I believe that is important to focus on bringing people together, even through virtual, online communication, to look forward to the days of sitting by the campfire having the best of times. 

We are ecstatic to be bringing a brand to the people we connect with on multiple levels. We wanted to create a brand that represented who we are and what we are about. Throughout the years of riding, camping, being a computer tech, robotics tech, process engineer, then falling in love with tabletop, board, and card games all over again, I found many of my friends and fellow riders and campers enjoyed all my interests as well. 

I wanted to bring them all together in a way that when you are wearing our shirts, everyone will know what you are all about! 

I want to make this more than just a lifestyle brand clothing line, but a community of people who want to meet up and grow the ability to find and reach out to others like ourselves and get people who are interested, out and doing!

I'm always looking for new artists in the scene, as well as writers and others to help grow the community and our Facebook Group. If you fall under one of these interests please reach out to us at info@motocampnerd.com



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