What is Moto Camp Nerd?

What is Moto Camp Nerd?

Not just another camping gear store. Moto Camp Nerd is owned and operated by motorcycle campers like yourself. We are focused strictly on the motorcycle community and only stock compact camping gear made to save space on motorcycle camping trips. You can shop with confidence knowing we have already pre-screened and cherry picked compact gear from top of line brands. We put a size limit on camping gear dimensions at 12 inches, with the exception of tents and chairs. Sleeping bags, pads, pillows, towels, are all under 12 inches.

What camping gear packs small for motorcycle camping?

The number one question we see asked is "what camping gear packs small for motorcycle camping?" We wanted to take help reduce the amount of research and scouring of the internet for pack dimensions and reviews. Obviously, you will still do your research, but maybe not as much since we have done some of that leg work for you. 

We understand camping gear can be expensive (especially backpacking gear) so we made sure to stock camping gear that is friendly for all budgets from beginner moto campers to seasoned riders and campers. Keep a look out for bundle deals too. These bundles will be made for new motorcycle campers who need to buy all the camping gear to get started as well as bundles for the seasoned riders who want to upgrade all of their camping gear, and give you a discount in the meantime.

We are a proud dealer of Snugpak, ROK Straps, Wera Tools, and Sea to Summit. These quality brands bring great products to the table for motorcycle campers or all styles of travel and camping. 

Snugpak. Just the name is enough to make you think small gear. The over 40 year old UK brand has built a reputable name for themselves, and we are hearing many positive reviews from riders who have used Snugpak for years!

Sea to Summit is another brand that when you say the name, you can't help but think about how they mesh well with motorcycle camping, from the seas to the summits. The Australian company provides the widest selection of quality gear from all categories that makes them fit right at home.

ROK Straps are the accessory straps you didn't know you needed until you find out they exist to make your life so much simpler. The original hook free style straps loop around your frame, buckle together, and pull tight to secure your laod.

Wera is the odd one out here, and unless you've worked some sort of industrial job, you've most likely never heard of them. Wera is a high quality German engineered, high quality, tool company that just so happens to have some pretty awesome compact tool sets that pair well with traveling on a motorcycle. 

We are always working to get more brands and expand our offerings to you so keep an eye out.

So that's Moto Camp Nerd! We love getting feedback from the motorcycle community about what gear we should stock, and what we can do to better support the motorcycle camping and touring community. Let us know via our email

Ride safe!

Moto Camp Nerd Team 


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