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This easy-to-use kit is an all-in-one protection package created to provide everything you need to stay protected while camping – come rain or shine. Don't neglect your moto camping gear, unless you want to keep buying more.

This kit includes:

Tent & Gear Cleaner, which is an easy-to-use sponge-on powerful cleaner formulated to remove dirt, dust pollen and all other performance-impairing impurities from your outdoor gear. It’s also the perfect way to pre-treat your gear before applying any waterproofing treatments.

Universal Protector, which is a high-performance, silicone-based waterproofing treatment, suitable for use on tents, boat covers, parasols, garden chairs, and umbrellas.

handy sponge, to make application even easier.

Pro Tip: It’s always worth allowing your tent as much time to dry as possible for maximum performance. So, check the weather forecast, or pick a few days where the garage won’t be needed, pop your tent up and give it some much-needed TLC and drying time.


  • Powerful cleaning
  • Easy-to-apply
  • UV protection
  • Durable water-repellency


  • Tents
  • Soft tops
  • Tipis
  • Awnings
  • Garden furniture
  • Parasols
  • Protective covers