Finding the right camping gear for your motorcycle journey can be a hassle. We handpick reliable, compact, rider-tested gear so you can enjoy an effortless moto camping getaway. 


Our Mission

To outfit riders with innovative outdoor gear that saves space and weight for every motorcycle adventure. 

How? By only stocking small and light innovative outdoor gear that packs easily on or in motorcycle panniers. We stock the top brands in the outdoor industry that are more than capable of enduring any adventure you throw at it. Yes, stock, as in we hold inventory.

Our Vision

Inspire, empower, and educate every motorcycle rider to adventure outdoors, safely and respectfully.

How? By investing our time and money back into the community that supports us. When you make a purchase from Moto Camp Nerd, you are supporting a small business (MCN), as well as motorcycle content creators, and non-profit organizations like the BDR that works with agencies and land management to keep the backcountry open to motorcycles.

About Us

Hey everyone, Ben here, the founder of Moto Camp Nerd. Me and my wife (Mary) have a passion for motorcycles and camping, and we want to share that passion with everyone else. I've been riding since 2012, and the first time I got on a motorcycle, I was addicted. I've always been a fan of those 70s style UJM and vintage/classic motorcycles. My first bike was a '74 Yamaha TX500 that I ended up spending more time wrenching than riding. While I wasn't wrenching, me and a friend turned his CB750 into a café racer, and through that build, we formed a group of friends in the café racer / vintage bike scene with similar interests. I then adopted a 1970s Suzuki Savage with the help of those friends, and the miles started rolling.

While most of the other vintage riders wanted to do local rides, we wanted to ride for longer distances. Our first motorcycle camping trip in 2013 was an amazing experience that changed our bikes from vintage café racers, to vintage bikes loaded with gear, riding for long weekends in the mountains of North Carolina, seeking the roads less traveled.

Mary has been camping since before she could remember. She grew up with an avid outdoorsy family and has been in love with all aspects of the outdoors and camping. 

Researching and finding camping gear that worked well on the motorcycle, and that was comfortable, was a long grueling research process scouring the interwebs for all the specs from each and every brand. So in 2020 we decided to find all the top quality gear we know and love that worked well for moto camping, and put it in one easy to find place.

We created Moto Camp Nerd to be the home for ALL motorcycle campers. I always say "I don't care what you ride, as long as you get out and ride!" From Aprilia to Zero, cruisers to adventure bikes, everyone who has a passion for adventure on 2 wheels (sometimes 3) is welcome! 

 Thank you for the support and ride safe!

For those curious about the bikes I've owned:

1974 Yamaha TX500
1987 Suzuki Savage
1983 Honda Goldwing GL1100 (naked)
1974 Yamaha DT400
1985 Honda Nighthawk 450
1978 BMW R80/7
1971 Yamaha DS7 - Currently Own
2018 Triumph Bonneville T120 Black 
2022 BMW R1250GS Triple Black - Currently Own
2023 Honda CRF300L Rally - Currently Own




Why Moto Camp Nerd?

Moto = Well for one, it's short for motorcycle,  but can also be thought as motorized.

Camp = Well, that's obvious, camping!

Nerd = Why nerd? We define nerd as someone who is obsessed or passionate about a topic, hobby, or interest that makes up who they are as a person. Most of us have a least one thing that makes us a nerd, and some have many things. From books, to engineers, to Sci-fi, to fishing, motorcycles, or the outdoors, we all have a passion that makes us a nerd.  

We are always looking for new artists and writers in the motorcycle community, as well as others to help grow the community. If you are interested please email us at

Welcome to the family,
Moto Camp Nerd