7 Common Motorcycle Camping Myths Busted

7 Common Motorcycle Camping Myths Busted

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Motorcycle camping is an adventurous way to explore the great outdoors, but it's often shrouded in misconceptions. From the belief that it's supposed to be uncomfortable or cheap to the notion that it's only for the seasoned adventurer. These myths can deter many from experiencing the joys of motorcycle camping. Let's debunk seven of the most common motorcycle camping myths we hear.


Myth 1: Camping is Cheap

One of the most prevalent myths surrounding motorcycle camping is that it's an inexpensive activity. While it's true that camping can be cheap, it really comes down to what you see value in and how comfortable or easy you want your experience to be.  If you only camp once or twice a year, then don't spend a bunch of money on good gear that will just sit in storage. If you're camping 20 plus nights per year in all types of weather, the investment and piece of mind that having high quality gear will let you rest easy. It can be expensive, however, the long-term benefits of these investments, such as increased comfort, safety, and the ability to explore remote destinations, often outweigh the initial cost.

Just for fun lets compare the costs of some high quality camping gear on 20 nights a year in hotels.

Hotels at an average of $75 a night for 20 nights = $1500

Bikepack tent = $600
Sleeping Pad = $225
Sleeping Bag = $350
Camp Pillow  = $50
Core essentials total = $1225

If paying for camp avg $20 tent site add $400 


The costs are fairly close for the initial investment of the core essentials for camping, but all that gear will last you for years before it wears out, and they would be backed by a lifetime warranty. So if you have premature failure to your sleeping pad, you'll get a new one.

Myth 2: Camping is Uncomfortable

We have heard this a lot and really this comes down to your personal preferences and style of camping. If you like type 2 fun camping, have at it, but you can be fairly comfy and sleep well even while outdoors. While early settlers may have been sleeping on the ground in a basic A frame or lean to tent, modern advancements in camping gear have revolutionized the comfort level. From lightweight, insulated sleeping pads to compact, yet spacious tents, today's campers can enjoy a level of comfort that rivals many hotel accommodations. Additionally, the thrill of waking up in a stunning natural setting can more than make up for any minor discomforts.


Myth 3: Campground Camping "Doesn't Count"

Some may dismiss campground camping as not "real" camping, believing that it lacks the sense of self-reliance that comes with backcountry camping. However, this perspective overlooks the many benefits of campground camping, such as access to amenities, a sense of community, and the opportunity to explore new areas without the added burden of carrying all your gear. Campground camping can be an excellent starting point for beginner moto campers, allowing them to gain experience and confidence before venturing into more remote areas. 


Myth 4: Motorcycle Camping Requires an ADVenture or Dual-Sport Bike

Another common myth is that motorcycle camping is only possible on adventure (ADV) or dual-sport bikes. While these types of motorcycles are well-suited for off-road excursions, they are not the only viable options for moto-camping. Many touring, cruiser, and even sport bike riders have successfully incorporated camping into their trips, adapting their gear and packing strategies to fit their bike's capabilities. The key is to prioritize lightweight, compact equipment that can be securely mounted on the available storage space, regardless of the motorcycle's classification.


Myth 5: Motorcycle Camping is a Summer Activity

Some believe camping is limited to the warm summer months. In reality, moto camping can be enjoyed year-round, with the right gear and preparation. Each season offers unique and rewarding experiences for riders. Shoulder season (spring and fall) camping is great because of the cooler temperatures at night, and way less people out and taking the good camping spots. By investing in appropriate cold-weather gear, such as insulated sleeping pads, and warm layers, you can extend their camping season and explore the great outdoors in all its splendor from early spring to late fall.


Myth 6: Motorcycle Camping Has to Be Complicated

The perceived complexity of motorcycle camping can be daunting for those new to the activity. However, the reality is that it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. With decent gear and a bit of planning, even beginner campers can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free experience. By focusing on the essentials, such as a reliable tent, and sleeping system, riders can create a streamlined and efficient camping setup that allows them to focus on the ride and relax at camp.

Myth 7: Camping Has to Be the Primary Goal

Some riders may hesitate to try motorcycle camping because they believe it has to be the sole purpose of their ride. In truth, motocamping can be seamlessly integrated into a wider range of riding adventures, from day trips to multi-day tours. Whether it's a spontaneous overnight stop during a long-distance journey or a planned weekend getaway, the act of camping can enhance any motorcycle ride keeping you closer to the route and avoiding populated areas. 

This is what we refer to as "camp to ride" because your camping will facilitate more riding! Versus the "ride to camp" method of riding to go camping and just enjoy the outdoors.

We hope to inspire more riders to embrace the joys of motorcycle camping and get outdoors. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a curious beginner, the world of motorcycle camping offers endless opportunities for exploration, and unforgettable experiences.

Your camping experience is what you want it to be. So, pack your gear, twist the throttle, and let the open road lead you to your next great camping adventure.



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