AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker

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AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker

Why we stock this? Well, we (Ben & Mary) have been using the AeroPress Go exclusively for over a year, on a daily basis, for all our coffee needs at home and on the go. After the first month we ended up throwing away our auto drip coffee maker. The AeroPress Go packs small, and is quick and easy to use. Even cleanup is super easy making it a great option for motorcycle camping. After pressing your coffee, unscrew the bottom, and pop the puck of coffee ground out and rinse. If you love coffee, and like to experiment, there are many ways to use the AeroPress to brew coffee. Just jump down the YouTube rabbit hole and have fun with it. 

The AeroPress Go travel coffee maker is engineered to fuel an active lifestyle. It gives coffee lovers everything they need to conveniently brew superb coffee anywhere. Like the AeroPress Original, the AeroPress Go provides the same great taste and brews American, espresso, and cold brew style coffee that can be enjoyed as is or used in a wide range of energizing and refreshing drinks. Made in the USA.

Delicious coffee anywhere: Rapidly brews smooth, pure-tasting coffee without the acidity or grit. Optimized for traveling, camping, and boating. Free yourself from hotel coffee!

Compact design, with mug included: Includes mug and lid that doubles as a traveling case so you can brew coffee anywhere. Quick to clean and pack up.

Brew American or espresso style coffee: Brews one to three delicious cups with one press. AeroPress can also make cold brew coffee as well as espresso-style coffee for lattes, cappuccinos, and more.

AeroPress Chamber & Plunger: For brewing the most delicious coffee ever!

Mug with Lid: Pack up your AeroPress into a sturdy, portable mug that you can take anywhere.

Micro-Filters, Filter Storage Carton, & Filter Cap: Micro-filters remove grit from your coffee, unlike other press-type coffee makers. The filter holder makes it easy to take micro-filters with you anywhere you go.

Stirrer: Designed to be the perfect length for AeroPress.

Scoop: Measures just the right amount of coffee for delicious, easy AeroPress recipes.

Made in USA

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