Garmin | Motorcycle Power Cable + Mount for zūmo XT2


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Garmin | Motorcycle Power Cable + Mount for zūmo XT2

Garmin does not currently have a kit for putting mounts on multiple bikes for the zūmo XT2. In true MCN spirit, we are bundling the parts together for your convenience to take the guess work out of it. 

Garmin zūmo XT2 uses 12v DC

You will have to assemble the cable into the mounting bracket. Screws and driver included.

This bundle includes the wiring harness and mount for the Garmin zūmo XT2 listed below with part numbers:

  • 010-13285-01 Acc, zumo XT2, Motorcycle Mount - $19.99
  • 010-13285-03 Acc, zumo XT2, Motorcycle Power Cable - $39.99

***This bundle DOES NOT include the Handlebar Mount Kit and must be purchased separately.***

Garmin Handlebar Mount 



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